Every Christmas we celebrate not only the joy of God becoming human but also the joyful gratitude for humans becoming divine through this event.

One little star in the sky,
To make the world bright.
One little child in the manger,
To form us children of God.
One little prayer in our hearts
To bless our near and dear one
May you know his presence
May this blessing of his Love be yours.

This is the actual purpose of the celebration of Christmas. All the outward imagery and celebrity reminds us that “God has entered our lives” – We ask ourselves; What does Christmas really mean? Leave aside images and memories return to Bethlehem. Here the images are quite different. We see a haggard couple away from home, struggling to find some comfort to share the joy of a new child. A few shepherds huddle together near a manger. Everything is still, quiet in the divine simplicity. There is comfort in this silence which contrasts the public noisy sights and sounds. There is a peace we do not want to disturb. They enjoy the warm silence around the manger at Bethlehem. They want to gaze at the child, that was born lying on straw. Here we do not expect words, but only the wonderful silence upon our homes, in the heart of men and children. Not all enjoy merry making Christmas, but looking at Mary and Joseph staring at their child in the manger, pondering the great coming of Immanuel, they feel only silent tenderness and Love.

The silence of Bethlehem. It does not only speak of Love but how to be in love. Every home may be a Bethlehem where Christmas is celebrated throughout the year, where Peace, Joy and Love experienced. Where forgiveness, acceptance and understanding found. May you all have a very Happy Christmas and Bright New Year.